Pom Pom Yarnbomb Update

8:00 a.m. Day 3: looks like someone tried to take it off, and then stopped. Since it's just wrapped and tied, it could have been taken off quickly - wonder why it wasn't? I re-tied it and will check in on it again tomorrow (day 5).


Repurposed swatch

Ever wonder what to do with a swatch?

Bike rack yarnbomb

I knit this during the planning phase of the Spalding House yarnbombing and was going to unravel it to make some yarnbombs with - and then realized it would make a perfectly good yarnbomb as is! It was a little too long, so I picked out a row and bound it off to make a perfect fit.

QR coded yarnbomb

The yarnbomb has been tagged with a QR code that goes to (it's also written out on the back of the tag for those who don't want to use a smartphone app).


Pom Pom Yarnbomb

We'll be doing a Pom Pom Yarnbomb up at Spalding House during ARTSPREE (more details on the Honolulu Museum of Art's exhibitions page).

I'll be checking on this yarnbomb at least twice per week, and if it starts looking tatty or it interferes with the bicycles, I'll take it down.


Pony Express | ArchiPURLago

Pony Express | ArchiPURLago

Another example of how we couldn't have pulled this off without volunteers! lilikoiknits did this knitted QR code, and it really works! It was a little nail-biting there for a bit - she finished it during an Aloha Knitters meeting and we started testing it out with our smartphones right away. We must have sounded like we were celebrating a sports team win when it worked. 


International Yarnbombing Week 2012 (part 1)

Crochet Tree Sleeve

  • standing on a ladder for several hours is like doing a LOT of calf raises

  • doing an entirely crocheted tree limb sleeve is awesome, but next time I may use a knitting machine for at least part of it

  • fairy terns are really noisy

  • more about this yarnbombing at TheFUZZ